US Playstation Store Update: Mass Effect Trilogy Available

After a kinda weak update last week, the North American Playstation Store gets a lot of content this week, including some AAA titles for Ps3 and tons of DLC.

The most notable addition is the digital release of Mass Effect Trilogy, including all three games of the series: this release also marks the release of the first Mass Effect game on Ps3. This compilation can be bought for 59.99 $ and it may take quite some time to download: it’s 33 GB big. The first Mass Effect is also available as a stand alone download for 14.99$

The good releases don’t end here: Far Cry 3, already available at retail, can be now bought from the Ps Store for 59.99 $. The game is a first person shooter which heavily emphasizes surviving in an hostile environment.

Among some special offers is the Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 including Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty CIty, LA Noire and Midnight Club: Los Angeles. The collection is available for 59.99 $ and given some of the games included it’s a really good price.

Some new digital only game are also available, like MOBA for Guardians Of Middle Earth and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, the latest revision for the famous 2D fighter which sports an all new online multiplayer component.

A new game is also available for Ps Plus subcribers as BioShock 2 has been added to the Instant Game Collection, together with more discounts and reduced prices.

For more details you can check the Official Playstation Blog.

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