The United States Are PsVita’s Biggest Market

Ever since its release, the PsVita has struggled to keep up sales with the Nintendo 3DS, despite offering quite a good hardware with many interesting features and a good price for all it offered: however the prolonged lack of good software outside of certain territories is proving to be really damaging for Sony’s new handheld.

A few months ago, Sony Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai said that the PsVita’s sales were just as expected, except for some regions were sales are lower than expected. Hirai san didn’t comment further or give some details, but thanks to Uk magazine gamesTM we now know some numbers and a clearer picture of the situation.

The PsVita’s strongest market is the US with 900.000 units sold as of November 2012; Japan trails behind with around 536.000 units sold. Europe’s numbers are way lower and Kazuo Hirai was surely referring to this when he last spoke about PsVita sales: Sony has sold around 200.000 units in the Uk and France and only 143.000 in Germany.

There could be a few reasons behind such low numbers: the crisis has left very little money to spend for games and some good PsVita titles which could push the console are still unreleased in Europe, like Persona 4: Golden.

With a promised price cut coming in 2013, Sony wished to improve the overall sales worlwide. Some more good software could help improve the situation as well.

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