The Last Of Us Multiplayer Mode Detailed

After creating from scratch a successful series like Uncharted, Naughty Dog is making sure everything is right to make The Last Of Us the best product possible. Together with the single player campaign, the game will feature a multiplayer mode. Some players have expressed concern on this mode fearing it could be tackled on, but Naughty Dogs representatives have stated that it’s not the case.

Naughty’s Dog Arne Meyer has addressed these concerns on the Official Us Playstation Blog saying that no Multiplayer mode on any Naughty Dog game is tacked on just for the sake of having it: there were two separate teams working on the single and multiplayer experiences. And none of them was given priority over the other: to make a great product both modes have been given the same amount of attention.

Players fears however are totally justified: many series which started as single players experiences have introduced multiplayer modes in later entries and in some cases the game suffered as a whole, simplifying single player mechanics to allow easier to understand and play multiplayer modes.

No more details have been given on how the multiplayer mode in The Last Of Us is going to work: the game will launch exclusively on Ps3 on May 7th 2013, with a few pre-order bonuses mostly headed towards multiplayer modes. More details will surely some as we approach the game’s release date.


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