Tekken Tag Tournament 2 coming on PSN with new free content

Namco has something new coming up for the latest entry in Tekken series: Tekken Tag Tournament will be available on PSN starting tomorrow November 13 and the final timed character roster update will be up as well.

As reported on the Official Playstation Blog, from tomorrow three new characters will be available for play, some old faces that Tekken veterans will surely recognize: Doctor Boskonovitch, Uknown and Violet. All these three characters haven’t been in the Tekken games fom quite sometime as Dr. Bosconovitch last was playable in Tekken 3, Unknown in the original Tekken Tag Tournament and Violet in Tekken 4.
The three new characters will feature new moves and rebalancing of their old moveset.
The news don’t stop here since starting tomorrow Ancient Ogre, Angel, Michelle Chang and Kunimitsu will now be available for everyone; up until now only players who preordered the game could use them, now they’ll be getting added to the game for free as soon as the game updates tomorrow.

Tekken Tag Tournament was released back in September on Ps3 to critical and commercial success: now that the game will be available on Psn for a slightly lower price than retail we’re sure more players will get back into the Iron Fist tournament!


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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