Tales Of Xillia gets closer to western release date

If you’re a Japanese rpg fan and you are starving for some good releases fear not as Namco Bandai Tales Of Xillia gets closer to release in the west 2013

As reported on the official Playstation Blog, Ted Tsung, North American producer of the game, stated that the voice recording sessions for the game have been completed, hinting that the game may be released sooner than expected.
The localization process was handled by Cup of Tea productions and 8-4, just like Tales Of Graces F released earlier this year, and it was quite a good job, with over 8 hours of voice acting recorded.
Ted Tsung also shares some details on the process and how they choose to procede with voicing the two main characters: 15 years old medical school student Jude Mathis and the mysterious Milla Maxwell, said to be the lord of the four elemental spirits. For both characters the localization team has decided to use lower pitched voices than their Japanese counterparts, and for a good reason: for Milla they wanted to maintain a very powerful and authoritative demeanor so keeping a higher pitched voiced couldn’t have worked; for Jude they maintained his adolescent’s traits and tried to make his voice a bit more likeable for western audiences.
On a related note, the official Tales Of series Twitter has announced that the European version will be translated in multiple languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Tales Of Xillia was released in Japan last year, on September 8 2011. A western localization was officially announced this summer with a scheduled 2013 release. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to next year: you can check out some new English screenshots here


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