Tales Of Hearts R New Trailer

Tales Of Hearts R New Trailer

2013 is really looking good for PsVita, at least in Japan: a few good games already have set release dates in the first months of the year, with more announced projects which will be released later in the year. Tales Of Hearts R is among the first category, getting an eraly March release: Namco Bandai has released a new trailer which goes alongside a playable demo just released on the Japanese PSN.

Tales Of Hearts R is the remake of Tales Of Hearts, released in 2004 on Nintendo DS. The remake will feature full 3D graphics, all new animation cutscenes from Production IG, fully voiced story, new quests, locations and characters, together with an all new character building system. The game’s battle system will be very fast paced, allowing for quick gameplay, flashy combos and many combination attacks for all characters.

The new trailer, which can be seen below, shows the currently confirmed characters, some cutscenes and story events and battles: the game looks really great so far and it could be a huge hit, improving the console’s sales at least in Japan.

Tales Of Hearts R will be released in Japan on March 7 both in retail and on PSN: no news on a western release yet. The name was trademarked a few months ago but, given the low console sales, it’s highly unlikely the game will come over, even though the series producer, Hideo Baba, has stated more than once that Namco Bandai wants to bring more titles over since the series is enjoy some good popularity in the West.

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