Tales Of Hearts R new trailer and details

Tales Of Hearts R new trailer and details

Now that the latest console entry of the Tales of series has been released last week, Namco Bandai studios can concentrate for their next handheld game in the workings: Tales Of Hearts R, to be released on PsVita.

The game was unveiled a few weeks ago with a page on Famitsu: the game will be a remake of Tales Of Hearts, released a couple years ago in Japan on Nintendo DS, featuring completely redone 3D graphics ( the original was a 3D-2D hybrid) and a slew of new features.
A new trailer has gone live yesterday for Tales Channel Plus subscribers showcasing some high quality animated custcenes, some more cutscenes with in-game graphics and some battle footage: the battle system will be revamped with a fuor characters in battle party (the original was limited to three characters), 3D battlefields (the original had 2D battlefields) and a new chase link mode allowing for longer and flashier combos during battles.
The new additions won’t stop here since story will be expanded with new characters and scenes and the game will feature more than 10 new animated cutscenes, as reported by the latest issue of Famitsu.

Tales of Hearts R doesn’t have a set release date yet: Namco Bandai is shooting for a Spring release in Japan. No news on a possible western release, even though the title has been trademarked for both North America and Europe.

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