Soul Sacrifice New Details Unveiled

The PsVita may not have many games to choose from, but among them are some really good products that unfortunately tend to go unnoticed due to the low worldwide sales of the newest Sony handheld console. We hope it won’t be the case with Soul Sacrifice, a dark fantasy RPG coming out next year in both Japan and the West. The game will feature quite some innovative gameplay ideas deeply rooted into the game’s world and story, as explained by Keiji Inafune, former Capcom employee and creator of the Megaman series.

On the official European PS Blog, Inafune-san explains some concept behind the game: all the enemies in the game are humans who turned ghosts after using magic to reach their goals. One of the enemies shown in trailers is a giant reptile: while alive, he was a young prince who had a strong inferiority complex against his elder brother. Being better at everything than he did, the young prince’s anger and envy grew stronger and stronger, until his brother becomes king: by using magic he wanted to make his pet crocodile kill his brother, resulting in becoming a ferocious beast himself.

More details have been given for Ghost Mode and a multiplayer co-op mode: during Ghost Mode players who have died will be able to assist allies, observe enemy weakness and more with the advantage of being invisible; during multiplayer, players will be able to combine their magic spells to create magical combinations which will aid players in new ways, like stopping time and debuff enemies

Soul Sacrifice will be released in Japan on March 7 as a PsVita exclusive. The game is also coming to the West with a release date yet to be announced.


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