Sony Patents New Dual-Shock Move Hybrid Controller

Two years ago both Sony and Microsoft released their own spin on the motion controller idea firstly implemented by Nintendo with their Wii console: Playstation Move and the Kinect. However both controllers mostly worked as add-ons and game’s compatibility was up to the developers

The primary component of the PsMove is a wand controller used to interact with the Ps3 console through motion and position in front of the Playstation Eye Camera, creating a gameplay experience not too different from the one given by the WiiRemote. The wand controller has an orb on top which can glow in any of a full range color: the colored light serves as an active marker which can be tracked by the camera, a system granting high precision and movement accuracy with very little input lag. Together with the PsMove Wand, players are able to use the regular Dual Shock 3 if the game has any particular need, a combination resembling the WiiRemote plus Nunchuk.

Yestarday a new patent from Sony was spotted, together with some images for a new Playstation controller combining both the Dual Shock 3 and the PsMove: it looks like a simple mash-up with a peculiar feature, the ability to take the controller apart in two pieces, with both pieces featuring the wand’s orb. Inside the controller are also all the components needed for making the PsMove Wand work.

Sony has yet to comment this new patent, we’ll keep you update as more informations surface.


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