PS Vita Hardware Bundle Packs

PS Vita Hardware Bundle Packs

Here are some Sony PSV hardware bundle packs (Europe release) showing some of the PS Vita bundles that will be available something soon.  The PS Vita will be released in bundles with the games included.  The first one is the Assassins Creed 3 bundle pack, followed by Little Big World and Playstation All Stars Battle Royal.  The bundles generally will have a slight discount from buying the game and the hardware separately and of course you will still need to purchase the memory card separate. 

Compared to past Play Station Portable bundles and special releases this just looks like a game and hardware bundle the only cool factor other then the game and hardware is the box art.. but hey lets be serious your not going to go glote to your friends with a card board box (not very exciting Sony…) nothing extra such as a different color face plate/skin or even different icons in the menu as far as I can see. 


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