Playstation Store Glitch And More Free Games For PS Plus Subscribers

Playstation Store Glitch And More Free Games For PS Plus Subscribers

Over the course of the years Sony has constantly tried to improve the online experience of its console through many updates: the best addition was the introduction of the Playstation Plus services, allowing users to subscribe for one, three or twelve months and receive free games, exclusive beta testing opportunities and many nice offers.
The new Playstation Network store was launched a couple of weeks ago with a totally revamped interface and a few glitches.

One of the glitches affects Playstation Plus subscribers: among all that’s offered, PSPlus members can download the “Game Trials” where they can play the full game for 1 hour and after the trial expires they can choose to buy the game while keeping all their progress.
With the new Playstation Network Store if you download the trial it appears like you have bought the full game!
Unfortunately that’s not the case and after the trial time expires you’ll still be prompted to buy the full game and that’s exactly what the glitch prevents you from doing: you won’t be able to buy the game since the system registered the game as already bought.

Since many users are reporting the same issue it seems that the problem is wide spread and not caused by some specific conditions: we advise you to avoid downloading Game Trials if you’re a PSPlus subscriber and wait for more information by Sony.


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