Playstation All Stars First DLC Pack Detailed

Sony is really going all out to make sure that their Playstation All Stars Battle Royale game will be an excellent game.
The game was recently reported to have gone gold but the team is not yet done with it as Seth Killian, lead designer of Sony Santa Monica Studios, announces on the official Playstation Blog new DLC characters.

The two new announced characters are Kat from Sony’s PsVita unique game Gravity Rush and Starhawk’s Emmett Graves.
Both characters’ fight styles will incorporate elements from their respective games: Emmet Graves’ style will use the Build and Battle system present in Starhawk while Kat will have a number of moves at her disposal that will modify the stages’ gravity itself.
The DLC is still under development so the team can’t show anything at the moment but Seth Killian gives a really nice to hear detail: the two characters will be free for the first two weeks after the game’s release. Team Santa Monica is definitely handling DLC the right way, with free costumes and now free characters, together with the free PsVita version included on the Ps3 version: after the Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters fiasco, a lot of fighting games’ developers are trying their best to avoid doing the same mistake that Capcom did and get the same negative reaction that the Street Fighter-Tekken cross over received for the on-disk DLC extra characters.

More information on the extra characters will be available soon. For now you can get ready to get into the arena for when Playstation All Stars Battle Royale launches on November 20 on Ps3 and PsVita.



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