Oboro Muramasa PsVita Version New Gameplay Footage

One of the best looking Wii  games is Oboro Muramasa, a 2D sidescroller-Rpg hybrid developed by Marvelous AQL. The game sported a feudal Japan setting where two main characters roam the land in search of the Oboro Muramasa, a cursed Katana, to accomplish their goal.

By looking at the game’s screens, one wondered how good they would look in HD: an HD release on current gen console was rumored for a while but never became real. However a few months ago a Vita Enhanced port was announced and the game will finally get the HD treatment it deserves. The choice was almost a given for developers: the Vita’s OLED screen will be perfect for the game’s vibrant colours, detailed sprites and huge bosses.

Some time after the announcement we finally get a glimpse of the PsVita version of the game, thanks to some direct feed gameplay footage: the game will sport new characters, new weapons with new abilities, new locations and bosses. The two original main characters will be present, of course, and their stories won’t be changed at all: the developers wanted to preserve the original experience as much as they could, adding all the new stuff in the new characters stories. You can check out the gameplay footage below.

Oboro Muramasa PsVita still hasn’t a release date: given that the game made it over to the west on Wii, chances are high the Ps Vita enhanced port will make the jump as well. Stay tuned for more.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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