New Tales Of Hearts R Details

New Tales Of Hearts R Details

The PsVita is still struggling saleswise all around the world, despite some good games released and some upcoming interesting games. The upcoming release of Tales Of Hearts R will surely help the console’s sale in Japan, thanks to the series popularity in the land of the rising sun.

Tales Of Hearts R is a remake of Tales Of Hearts R released back in 2004 on Nintendo DS, exclusively in Japan: the game will feature all new 3D graphics, replacing the original 2D-3D hybrid, re-recorded voice acting, new scenes, extra characters and more. The battle system will be completely overhauled as well, closer to the new Tales Of battle systems, with an overlimit system, as well as the Link Chase system which will allow for flashy aerial combinations between characters. More additions from the DS version include a 4 party member system during battles, new artes and skills as well as character management options

Some new details about the game have emerged from the latest issue of Famitsu: the game will feature over 10 all new anime cutscenes made by Production I.G., replacing the ones of the DS version. Players will also be able to perform dual mystic artes in battle: Hisui and Kohak will be able to perform the Golden Eagle Gun Mystic Arte. More details on them will be included in the next Famitsu issue.

Tales Of Hearts R will be released on March 7 in Japan on PsVita. No news on the game coming west, even though the game was trademarked in both Europe and North America some months ago.

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