Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Re:Mix New Gameplay Details

The Kingdom Hearts series went from the simple yet charming beginning to a huge and somewhat convulted plot. Many newcomers of the series are often left wondering as more and more shocking revelations are handed at them in the newer entries of the franchise, spanning several consoles. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Re:Mix is coming to save these players from a huge headache, by bringing Kindom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days on Ps3 this March.

The HD collection won’t be a simple HD touched up port, as the three titles will present quite a few changes in their gameplay features, making them play more like the latest entries of the series. Here’s the list of currently confirmed changes:


  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Updated Graphics
Trophy support
New reward for clearing the game
Updated controls.
Zero EXP skill
Combo Master skill
Right stick corresponding to the camera operation.
Ability to change audio between English and Japanese
Summons added to 4th command slot
Special skills moved to triangle


  • KH Re:Chain of Memories

Experience both Sora’s Story and Riku’s Story in HD quality!
Menus upgraded to HD resolution
Trophy support
New reward for clearing the game


  • KH 358/2 Days

Over two hours of videos included
Roxas’ Diary, the Secret Reports and a brand-new Character Index added so you may understand the story better
New reward after viewing the videos

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