Final Fantasy Type 0 Localization Was Completed In 2011

The Final Fantasy series hasn’t been very lucky during this generation: the ambitious Fabula Nova Cristalis project totally fell apart with delays and games not up to a certain quality standard. Final Fantasy XIII showed some good ideas, expecially with the battle system, but in the end the game was underwhelming; Final Fantasy XIII-2 tried to correct the linearity problem and it somewhat did manage to do it, despite an incredibly low difficulty level and a somewhat incoherent plot. What about the other games of the project? Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still in development and news are incredibly scarce, Final Fantasy Type 0 was released in Japan and it was very well received by both gamers and press.

Non japanese speaking players are costantly trying to get some information out of Square-Enix regarding the rumored western localization of the series’ Psp entry and it seems like the game was almost ready to be launched!
Operation Suzaku, a fan group promoting portable rpg’s localizations has got some rumors to share: Final Fantasy Type 0 localization was 90% done during 2011, as one of the voice actor confirmed they finished recording all lines some time after Type 0 was launched in Japan.
The fate of Type 0 was decided at the beginning of this year: Psp sales in the west were too low to justify a physical disc release and Square-Enix was trying to push a Psn-only release which would have allowed the game to be played on PsVita as well. However no agreement was reached with Sony, which found the digital only release unpractical, and the game’s release was shelved.

This rumor fits in the official stance of Square-Enix regarding the game: they are looking for other solutions as they try to gauge the real demand for the game. A PsVita port? An HD version on Ps3? At this point anything could happen and fans are totally willing to move to other platforms to finally be able to play Final Fantasy Type 0.



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