Dynasty Warriors 7: Empire Release Date Set

Get ready to get back into the era the warring Three Kingdoms as Tecmo Koei has finally announced a release date for the next game in the Dynasty Warriors series, called Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires

The game is not a mainline entry but rather an expansion-spin off hybrid for Dynasty Warriors 7, first released last year on Ps3 and Xbox 360: the game will feature a lot of gameplay adjustments starting from everything that was introduced in the previous expansion called Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends, like removing gender restrictions for weapons, DLC weapons only usable by certain characters, new skills, battle maps, boss types, multiplayer options and so on. The game will also feature a new mode called Empire where players will be able to play as an officer, ruler or even mercenary, fighting to conquer the whole nation, battling through single maps without an overall narrative to glue them together like in usual Dynasty Warrior’s fashion. Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires also features an extensive edit mode to create and customize characters to be used during online multiplayer modes, with new items that’ll be released as DLC. A new character is also introduced in the game.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Extreme was released on November 8 in Japan: it’ll hit North America on February 19 as a digital-only game and Europe on February 22 with a full boxed release. The game, unlike the original Dynasty Warriors 7, will be a Ps3 exclusive.



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