Dark Souls Price Down On Amazon

If exploring a mysterious yet beautiful world, battling horrible creatures to uncover the mysteries surrounding you is your things, you surely know about Demon’s and Dark Souls. The western influenced Role Playing Games produced by From Software managed to slash their ways into the hearts of gamers worldwide, thanks to an incredibly charming experience, coupling atmosphere with an incredibly high difficulty level, where the death screen is not the end, but just another beginning, a simple stepping stone in conquering the game’s harshest moments.

With the announcement of Dark Souls 2, coming next year on Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360, you may want to try out what all the fuss is about an easy way: with Demon’s Souls available everywhere at a low price, some good deals are popping out for Dark Souls as well. The game is available on Amazon at an incredibly low price: the Playstation Greatest Hits version is available for as low as 14.99 $, from the original price of around 40 dollars. Please note that this is not the Prepare To Die Edition released a few months ago, featuring the original game and the only DLC released so far for the game, Artorias Of The Abyss.

This is a great way to finally explore such a highly regarded series so fork out some money and get immersed in a devilish appearance. The offer is valid for both the Ps3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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