All Skyrim DLC will be available on PS3

With the release of the newest Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn, on Xbox 360, Bethesda also announced that the DLC pack will be released on Pc and Ps3 next year. While the Pc release didn’t surprise anybody, the Ps3 version release is indeed a big news since no Skyrim DLC is available for the console due to some technical issues.

Bethesda has recently confirmed with a post on their official blog that they’re working hard to release the Dragonborn DLC as quickly as possible: the new DLC will be released on PS3 way before the other 2 DLC packs already available for the other versions of the game, Hearthfire and Dawnguard. Once the Dragonborn DLC is out, Bethesda will resume work on bringing all the other DLC packs to Sony’s console.

This could finally spell the end of the many techinical issues Playstation 3 players have been experiencing with Skyrim: random freezing, heavy slowdowns due to save files getting too big and even more glitches than the other versions. The worst of all is that many of the issues were labeled as impossible to patch by the developer, making it all very frustrating. With the promise of all DLC incoming it looks like some of these technical issues may have indeed been overcome.

The Dragonborn DLC pack was released on December 4 on Xbox 360, with the Pc and PS3 version coming early next year.

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