Play Halo 4 online and get free Microsoft Points

If you still haven’t yet joined Xbox Live Awards and you’re playing Halo 4 you may want to consider joining the awards program since Microsoft is handing out free Microsoft Points for all who invest time in Halo 4 Online Multiplayer modes as well as giving back some points spent on additional content.

Players who spend over 35 hours actively playing on Xbox Live will receive 100 Microsoft Points: if you want more simply play more, as Microsoft promises 300 points for more than 70 hours and 600 for more than 140 hours of online playing.
And that’s not all Microsoft has in store for awards subscribers: if you spend over 1500 Microsoft Points on Halo content you’ll get 100 points back; if you spend more than 3000 Microsoft will double the amount of points refunded to 200. You can increase this amount by playing over 35 hours online on Halo 4, getting 800 points back.

If you still aren’t signed to the Awards program and you’re playing Halo 4 online for a good amount of time don’t waste any second now  since the offer will be expire November 30. This is probably one of the best deals around since most Halo 4 players are spending a lot of time playing online so why not earn a little something on the side while playing?

Halo 4 was just released yesterday, November 6, worldwide and the game as been well received so far by critcs and fans alike.



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