Persona 4 Golden new gameplay videos

2012 has been a good year for Persona 4 fans: a new anime based on the game was aired in Japan with an English  in the works and the fighting game Persona 4 arena was released last August. Now it’s time for Persona 4: Golden to be in the spotlight as the game approaches its release date in North America Atlus has been releasing new footage to showcase some of the new additions to the game.

Persona 4: Golden is the port of the critically acclaimed Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 role playing game, released in 2008 for Ps2. The game alternates traditional rpg and simulation gameplay, much like its predecessor Persona 3. The main character is a teenage transfer student who moves to small country town of Inaba, unaware that something big is about to happen in the calm rural town.
The game takes place over the course of a traditional Japanese school year and school life plays a big role in the game: players will be able to take parts in clubs and other activities, bonding with other students which will in turn empower the main character and give a good advantage during the RPG sections. Players will explore randomly generated dungeons and battle countless monsters called Shadows: the battle system is a turn based system which encourages exploiting enemy weakness to gain extra turns.

Persona 4: Golden expands the game in more than one way: new story elements are included along with new characters, anime cutscenes, spoken dialogs, new difficulty levels and much more. An interesting addition is an all new multiplayer mode: players will be able to ask for another player’s help during battles using the wireless PsVita capabilities

When released in Japan, Persona 4: Golden caused a big increase in sales for PsVita: we’ll see if the same will happen in North America on November 20 when the game will hit shelves.






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