New Far Cry 3 Patch Incoming

It’s not been that long since the game launched and Ubisoft has been really hard at work to improve Far Cry 3 with a series of patches. A new one will be coming in the next days, giving players more choices in HUD customization, together with some performances improvements.

This new patch was actually developed after listening to players feedback on the matter: the new patch will allow players to edit almost all of the HUD elements, based on their own preferences. Too many HUD elements do indeed take away a bit of the atmosphere of the game so it’s almost natural to give players the choice to get immersed more into the game’s world if they so desire. Kudos to the developers to listen to fans in such a short time.

The new patch will also fix some glitches related to the game’s progression: there have been some issues encountered in the .dll hack which may make the game impossible to complete due to missing Quick Time Events, missing information and so on.

This would be the second patch release for Far Cry 3: the first one fixed some multiplayer issues in the Player Versus Player mode and some more fixes for single player mode like improved stability while connected, a fix for the leaderboard system and even a fix for some issues in the Map Editor which made the game crash if using characters specific to some languages.

A release date for the new patch is not available at the time, we’ll keep you informed as more news come in.

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