Guild Wars 2 Players Wrongly Banned For Presumed Buying And Selling Of Gold

It’s not so uncommon in MMO games to meet players who’ll try to sell for real money in-game currency and items: most of the times this will lead to a ban. Guild Wars 2, ever since its release, has been plagued by this problem, with dishonest players using bots to farm gold and sell it to other players for real money. However some more problems have risen recently, where players have been accused and banned for this practice, without doing it all.

The Rules of Conduct are clear in this regard: no action which will be bring players an advantage over others with the use of third party programs and applications is strictly forbidden. The problem is banning people for doing anything wrong: some players have been banned simply for sending gold to other players with the ingame mail system, the only way to trade items in the game between players.

Many players have had to wait several days before being able to get into the game: even a support request took a long time because cheaters and gold farmer are using the confusion to try and get their accounts restored. ArenaNet has to check each request carefully, leading to long waits to restore the account if it’s been wrongfully banned.

To avoid getting hit by the “ban hammer” and have to deal with the consequences, avoid trading gold with the mail system for the time being, hoping that ArenaNet will take care of the issue to allow legitimate players to trade their hard earned gold without problems.

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  1. Christmas day 12-25-2012 my account was hacked. I reported it and got an immediate email from support. I changed my password per instruction. I told my Guild mates about what happened and to help me out 2 sent me 22.5 gold in the mail, to help restore what I lost. I had about 45 gold in my back and between my 5 characters. I read that you can get your account rolled back to before the hacking so I sent back the 22.5 gold to one that and returned the mail that still had the 22.5 gold in it. BAM!

  2. The message I get is “Your Guild Wars 2 Account has been terminated for engaging in or assisting with gold or item sale for real-world money, which is a breach of the User Agreement and rules of Conduct. This Action is permanent.” Error Code: 45:6:3:2114 I have never purchased gold in any game I’ve played and regularly report the gold sellers in game. I have mastered crafting in Tailoring, Jewelry, Artificer and Cooking. I have 99% map completion. 34 out of 37 dives for the “Dive Master” achievement. If as they say they thoroughly investigate before banning, how did that look like a gold seller? And when my guild mate states the issue on the forums why is my account still suspended and I can’t even submit a comment on the forums. This is a game you pay for, and I am forbidden from using it because I appear like a gold seller and now the message I get says that someone else has accessed my account. LOL! Really? I think I reported that to you on Christmas day. Very heavy on the bans of innocent people. I think 1 innocent person is too many. In the forums many think that lots of innocents are just fine, but they haven’t had their accounts banned, yet.

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