Diablo III PvP Update Incoming

One of the things lacking in the highly hyped and slightly disappoint Diablo III is a PvP infrastructure allowing players to duel each other for prizes and rewards. Blizzard had promised a few dueling modes inside an arena, but from what has been posted on battle.net, not all promises will be delivered.

Originally, developers wanted to introduce a team deathmatch, where teams of players would be able to fight each other inside a closed arena. This mode wasn’t just a promise either: the mode was playable at the latest Blizzcon and players were able to try it first hand. However Blizzard has been having quite a hard time with the development of the Team Deathmatch mode: as fun as it might be fighting other teams, the mode has shown serious balancing issues and Blizzard doesn’t just want to introduce this mode into Diablo III just for the sake of it.

So, the Deathmatch mode is practically no more: the option has been shelved and people at Blizzard are storming their ideas to come out with something different.

As for other PvP options, players won’t have to wait much longer for them to be introduced: patch 1.0.7 will come with them in the first months of 2013, allowing players to finally fight each other.

Diablo 3 has been released last May on Pc after a long development time. If you want to know more about the PvP modes you can head over to Battle.net.

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