Bioshock Infinite Pc Version Development Detailed

Among all the great games coming next year, Bioshock Infinite is probably one of the most anticipated: after a lot of development problems, confirmations, delays and such, the game is finally set for release, with lead game designer Ken Levine going full throttle in his press outings.

In his Reddit Ask Me Anything, Ken Levin has revealed a couple of interesting details on the Pc version of the game: PC players who feared that they would get a shoddy console port can definitely rest easy since the PC version has a dedicated team working on it. The Team’s first priority is to make sure the game will feel right at home on Home Computers.

Chris Kline is leading the Pc team and he’s been very focused on resolving some possible issues like a true widescreen support and mouse acceleration. To streamline the access process the Pc version of Bioshock Infinite will make use of Steam’s standard DRM: when asked about the Games For Windows Live and Securom, Ken Levine stated that Pc Version won’t make use of those platforms at all. He also added that the Pc version is coming out great.

There’s a reason why the designer had to come out and assure players that everything is going great: the Pc ports of previous BioShock games were ridden with issues, expecially the already mentioned Widescreen issue.

Bioshock Infinite will finally launch on March 2013 for Pc, Ps3 and Xbox 360.


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