Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Coming to Windows 8 This Month

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX will join the ranks of Skulls of the Shogun and become the latest arcade game ported to the Windows 8 store. Despite the trailer saying that the game is available now, it’s actually slated for release sometime this month. Pac-Man Championship Edition was originally released for Xbox Live Arcade 2 years ago, November 2010. It then came to PSN a week later, and Windows Phone in May 2011.

The game is a sequel to the original Pac-Man Championship Edition from 2007 and adds new features, new mazes and modes. The new features include three new difficulties(Easy, Medium, Expert), bombs that send ghosts back to their spawn point, sleeping ghosts, bullet time in dire situations and dead ends. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX expands on the original game’s gameplay by making it faster and more frantic. Instead of escaping from four ghosts in a maze, Pac-Man must now wake them up and have them chase him around. The goal is to have as many ghosts following you as possible so that when power pallets spawn and you eat one, you can consume more and more ghosts resulting in a higher score. Ghosts keep spawning at regular intervals. It’s exactly this risk vs. reward gameplay that made the game such a hit with critics when it was released. GiantBomb gave it a perfect score, saying that “this is the fastest, loudest, most overwhelming, most viscerally pleasurable Pac-Man experience available on the market today without a prescription.”

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