Wii U Real Specs Revealed

While Nintendo was very generous in giving details on the many Wii U features that ultimately will influence the gameplay aspects they have been very stingy for what concerns the true power of their new console.
With Wii U finally available in North America, some tech enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to uncover the secrets inside the new Nintendo magic box.

In a yesterday’s Live Stream, the good people at Pc Perspective opened up a launch Wii U and, while somethings still need more time to be uncovered, like the GPU, now we do know precisely about the Wii U’s system memory and how fast it operates.
The Wii U system uses 2GB of DDR2, produced by Samsung, capable of 17 GB per second at its maximum speed: for comparison Ps3 and Xbox 360’s memories max speed is 22.4 GB per second for Ps3 and 25.6 GB per second for Xbox 360.

What does it mean from a performance point of view? Absolutely nothing since we’re talking about raw speeds and we know very little about everything else the new Nintendo Console is capable of: the fact that the Wii U system memory has lower max speed compared to the other two competitor has nothing to do with ports performing slightly worse in the just released console.

As everyone knows, Nintendo isn’t after making  a graphical powerhouse console and they prefer to focus on developing new and interesting ways to play and to be honest, I totally agree with them.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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