Wii U Gamepad Is Region Locked

Among the supporters of region locking for consoles, Nintendo has always been first: while Microsoft has left the choice to region lock games to publishers and Sony pushing a region-free policy on all their recent consoles, Nintendo has actually gone further in their region locking, making the Nintendo 3DS locked, a first among handhelds.

The new Wii U has been recently released worlwide but it was no mystery that the console was going to be locked, given Nintendo’s recent efforts to region lock all its latest products. What was unexepcted is that peripheliars are locked as well: some news floating on Japanese blogs state that the Gamepad is region specific as well!

A simple fact probably confirms these news: there’s a region code on the Gamepad itself and there wouldn’t be any reason to do so if the Gamepad was region free. It’s a real bummer for players who wanted to buy a spare Gamepad in the future and save some money by buying it from other regions: this holds especially true for Japanese players who could save quite a bit by buying the Gamepad from the States, thanks to the current Yen-Dollar exchange rates.

If you’re uncertain if a Gamepad works on your console be sure to check the region code, hoping that the Gamepad will be the only thing that’s region locked alongside the console.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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