Wii U Demos Can Have Play Limitations

This time around Nintendo is trying their best to make the online functions of the new Wii U the best possible, taking note of all the requests from players and developers alike, becoming slightly closer to the online services of Sony and Microsoft with the usual Nintendo spin, like the Miiverse function. Something that was lacking on Wii was demo versions of upcoming games to download and play on the console: this problem was solved already with the 3DS and on Wii U players are free to download demos and play them. However you may not have the freedom to play them as much as you like.

Players who downloaded the Rayman Legends demo noticed that the demo version is limited to a number of plays before expiring, pretty much like some demo versions available on the 3DS shop. Now it’s been confirmed that publishers can have the option of setting the limitations or leave the demos without them: the choice is up to the publisher.

It’s probably not a big deal for most since if you’re playing a demo for over 30 times, to make an example, you can probably buy the whole game since you like it so much!

Wii U is finally available worldwide, released on November 18th in North America, November 30th in Europe and earlier this month, December 6th, in Japan. The console was met with incredible success by critics and players alike.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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