Wii U Day One Update May Brick The Console

The new Nintendo console is finally available in North America: when booting up the console gamers were welcomed by a mandatory firmware update. The update is quite big too, around 5gb and it may need quite some time to download.

While it was already announced no one expected the update to be mandatory and so big as well: it’s really a bad move from Nintendo since non-premium consoles will have very little space left from the built in 8GB flash memory.
And that’s not all: impatient gamers may reconsider quitting the update midway since there’s been numerous reports on the console being completely bricked after quitting the updating process and the only thing that can be done is send the console back to Nintendo.
The worse thing is that there’s no warning of a possible malfunction after quitting the update, just a simple progress bar.
The update actually adds some really important features to your Wii U: backwards compatibility, all the Miiverse features and the Wii-to-Wii U contents transfer option, features that should have been in the original firmware in the first place but that for some reason now require an update.

Be warned: once you start updating don’t quit for any reason or you may find yourselves an overpriced useless white or black brick in your house: things won’t probably be much different for Europe and Japan as well so gamers of all regions should be aware of this problem.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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