Ubisoft Comments On Rayman Legends Rumored Release Date

Ubisoft Comments On Rayman Legends Rumored Release Date

The next game in the Rayman series, Rayman Legends, developed exclusively for the new Nintendo Wii U, was supposed to be available on launch day before being delayed to a yet to be revealed release date in 2013. Earlier today a rumored release date has surfaced, stating that the game will be released on Febryary 26 without any concrete proof.

Ubisoft has commented on the supposed release date stating that the release is indeed scheduled for release in early 2013, without either confirming nor denying the presumed February release, simply saying that the team is still at work on the game.

Rayman Legends is the direct sequel to last year’s Rayman Origins: the game will feature the same 2d platforming style with a big emphasis on exploration and multiplayer. Being on Wii U, the game will make extensive use of the Wii U GamePad features, together with more multiplayer ideas tied to the Gamepad and Wiimotes combination: players will be able to control Rayman with the Wiimotes or other controllers while another player will control Murphy, Rayman’s sidekick, through the Gamepad touch screen to perform a variety of actions during gameplay.

Ubisoft also said that more infos will come soon, so stay tuned for more details. Another Rayman game is rumored to be in the works for Ps3 and Xbox 360: it’s yet unknown if it’s going to be a port of Rayman Legends or an entirely new game.

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