Shigeru Miyamoto Speaks About His Future And Wii U

After the release of Nintendo Wii U and the first titles, everyone is probably asking what’s in the future of the console, especially regarding the Gamepad’s use. In a new interview with GamesMaster magazine, master Shigeru Miyamoto speaks about the console and what’s going to happen with it in the future.

Miyamoto is quite satisfied with the new console: he’s been trying for a long time to being able to create a product which could be considered as the definitive entertainment machine, and with the Wii U, Nintendo has managed to get closer to this goal, making all kinds of entertainment converge into a single system.

Gameplay wise, Miyamoto knows that players are waiting for the next installments of many Nintendo series: however that’s not the only thing they want to push. Nintendo Land can be considered almost a s a prototype for many idea which will be used into future games: Miyamoto considers Mario Chase as one of the best things in Nintendo Land, since it manages to draw all members of the family to the gaming affair.

Miyamoto-san has also spoke about finally being able to implement some ideas which they had in mind for quite some time: they first experimented with Linking Up two consoles with the GBA and Gamecube. Miyamoto states that at the time Nintendo didn’t push the idea more because it was hard to push 4 players gaming with 4 GBAs linked up to the console: with the Wii and its Gamepad, they’re free to go on on that road.

Lastly, Miyamoto also talked about his current role and what may await him in the future: he states how he’s 60 now, and he clearly can’t work like he used to. His role has already changed in recent years, letting younger staff memembers handle a lot of work. Things will probably change more, but he’s not going to leave his work at Nintendo: a different role in the company will allow him to work full time on brand new ideas.


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