Satoru Iwata Speaks About Wii U Criticism And Future Mario And Zelda Games

The new Nintendo Console is almost ready to hit European shores after a successful launch in North America. It wasn’t a launch without any problems though: the required update which takes too much time and storage space, some bugs in the system and criticism on worse performances on multiplatform titles have somewhat decreased the enthusiasm around the Wii U.
Nintendo President Satoru Iwata spoke about these issues and about the future of the console in a recent interview with IGN.

Many players are disappointed with lack of some online functions, like a vocal chat during online play: Iwata san spoke about this saying that Nintendo’s true objective is offering a completely different experience from the past and they won’t be taking and copying features from other consoles. The idea behind the Miiverse will cover all those features in the future: the fact that players had to download a big update before being able to use the online functions of the Wii U is something that Iwata wasn’t happy about but they wanted to have everything correctly working without having to delay the console’s launch.

Iwata also spoke about the future of the console: he knows players whant another Mario 3D game, as well as another Zelda game but it’s still too soon to talk about this. Announcement will be coming in the next year as soon as there are news to share. Of one thing Iwata is certain: third party support will be crucial in obtaining true success and that’s the reason they went the extra mile to publish the two Platinum Games projects, both of them aimed at the hardcore gamers fanbase. Iwata states that Nintendo will try its best to ensure a continuing support from third parties and looking at the launch line-up with many big third party multiplatform games, things may indeed be good in the future in this regard.

The new Wii U console was released in North America on November 18; tomorrow’s the big day for Europe while Japanese gamers will have to wait another week with the console officially launching on December 6.


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