Rumor: New Wii Hardware Revision?

With the Wii U finally out in North America and with a full retro compatibility, it looked like Nintendo was done with its old Wii console, especially after last week’s announcement stating that they no longer would be making new game for the Wii U’s predecessor. However a rumor has been circulating that Nintendo may be planning a new hardware revision for the old Wii.

The information is part of a release schedule from a major retailer: among other informations, one could read that a Wii “Mini” is coming on December 7, a day after the Wii U release in Japan. The new compact Wii console should come with a Sensor Bar, Nunchuck and Wii Remote Plus with Jacket.

If it’s confirmed it would be the second redesign for the Wii: the first one was released last year, making the console a little smaller and doing away with the Gamecube retrocompatibilty.

The rumor is not so anbsurd as it would seem since Nintendo has an habit of releasing hardware revisions late in the console’s life cycle: just like the NES, SNES 01 and the Gameboy Micro. The thing is, how is Nintendo is going to make the Wii even more smaller than now? Also, a lower retail price could attract potential new customers.

More informations will surely come soon and we’ll keep you updated on the whole issue.


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