Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney New Gameplay Video

The Professor Layton series has been one of the most successful DS game series thanks to it’s visual style, icon characters and a simple, but addicting riddle-based gameplay formula; pretty much the same thing can be said for Capcom’s Ace Attorney series. Combining them was almost a natural step for both Level 5 and Capcom and so Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney was born: a crossover game featuring both Professor Layton and attorney Phoenix Wright combining both the typical riddles of the Professor Layton series and the contradictions theme of Ace Attorney. In a recent video we finally see some glimpses of the gameplay.

The game will feature a combination of elements from both series, alternating the use of Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright: during Layton’s segments player will have to explore areas, talking with other characters and examining the backgrounds and objects, leading to the discovery of puzzles. Once solved, players will earn Picarats and Hint Coins which will make the player make less mistakes when trying to solve the riddles.
Phoenix Wright’s segments will feature a system based on the first Ace Attorney game with the use of the strike system instead of the life bar used in subsequent games: a new spin on the formula will be with the Witch Trials where players will have to listen to multiple witnesses and find who’s the real witness; to do so players will have to check out the witnesses reactions by looking at them while the others are talking.
The game will also feature animated cutscenes and voice acting, a first for the Ace Attorney games.

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney will be available in Japan next week on November 29 in Japan. No concrete news on an overseas version but the game is sure to come over, given the popularity of both series in the west.


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