New Super Mario Bros 2 New DLC Released

With the final goal of the game being collecting 1 million coins, it comes to no surprise that players worldwide were able to gather a huge amount of them in New Super Mario Bros 2: in an unannounced Nintendo Direct, president Satoru Iwata announced the release of a new DLC for the 3DS platformer starring Mario.

Ever since the first reveal, Nintendo placed a great emphasis on collecting coins, making each stage have a lot of ways to earn tons of them: other than the usual ways, players can use new power ups like the Golden Flower to turn enemies into golden coins and the Golden Block which will give you coins by just running. The rewards for collecting 1 million coins are nothing really game changing to be honest but it’s not really a problem since the game is really fun.

Iwata san has stated in today Nintendo Direct that players all around the world have collected over 300 billion coins since July: to celebrate this event, Nintendo has released a new DLC pack for the game, the Golden Classic Course pack, free until January 31. The DLC pack features some classic stages from Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 3.

There’s still no release date for the West but given that Iwata-san spoke about this worldwide goal we can expect the DLC to be available soon for western players as well.


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