More Wii U Stock Available For Black Friday In North America

More Wii U Stock Available For Black Friday In North America

The Wii U launch in North America was a great success for Nintendo: the console is practically unavailable in most retailers and prices on ebay are skyrocketing, with consoles selling for over 500$, well over the retail suggested price.
With the holiday season almost upon us a stock shortage could really hurt potential Christmas sales but fear not, Nintendo is ready to provide more console for all retailers.

Speaking with CNBC, Nintendo of America president Reginald  Fils-Aime has confirmed that stock levels will be back to launch day levels not only for Christmas, but also in time for the Black Friday sales.

Most retailers expressed some doubts on the future Wii U availability since the numbers of consoles sold in a few days totally excedeed expectations: premium bundles are unavailable everywhere while the normal console pack is quickly getting scarce. Gamestop retail chain estimates that total preorder for the console amounts to 1.2 millions and there’s a waiting list that goeas well beyond 500.000 orders. Nintendo probably expected such a situation given the quick answer given by Reggie.

If you’re still undecided on getting the new Nintendo console during this holiday season you better think about it fast since the console shortage problem may be present again in the coming weeks.

Europe and Japan still have to wait a few more days before being able to get the new Nintendo WII U: the console will hit shelves on November 30 in Europe and on December 6 in Japan.


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