European Wii U Console Doesn’t Upscale Wii Games To HD

Among all the features of the new Nintendo Wii U, one was unexpected but very welcome: older Wii games look better when played on the new console thanks to some graphical touch-ups and better resolution. Wii U is now available in Europe as well: unfortunately it seems like there’s a difference in this regard between North American and European consoles.

As reported on Eurogamer when Wii games are played, the console works in Wii mode: however there’s no way to upscale the games or go into progressive scan mode. Also, the console doesn’t let players choose between 480p and PAL 60 anymore. It’s not much of a problem per se but it’s a fact that Nintendo has taken away the possibility to choose for no real reason and this can’t be good, no matter how one looks at it.

On a related note, the transfer process for Wii Ware and Virtual Console purchases is judged as needlessly complicated: players will need to install the transferring tool on both console and then use an SD card to copy the content over. Strangely the process requires an active network connection and the wholw process can fail due to network problems. Also, the storage space for Wii date is limited to 512 MB out of the 32 GB of on board flash memory.

The Wii U console was released in Europe last week on November 30.


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