Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Wii U Version Patched

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 has dominated most sales charts this holiday season, and not without merit: the game is probably the best Call Of Duty game released up until now, featuring a deep storyline and gameplay, an extensive multiplayer mode and an even more developed Zombie Mode sporting features which are absent during the main game.

Black Ops 2 was released on all current platforms, including the new Nintendo Wii U: the port is actually very well done, considering it’s a new console. However, just like the other versions of the game, Black Ops 2 on Wii U suffers from some problems, with a couple of bugs and glitches, together with some slight unbalancing and some other minor issues, nothing major like the somewhat frequent stuttering of the Ps3 version. Treyarch has been working on fixes for all the released versions and today the first patch for the Wii U version is finally available

There are no patch notes available, but thanks to the blog Nintendo Everything, we know some of the fixes: weapons have been slightly rebalanced, the Cursor Sensitivity and Cursor Speed options have been included when using the Wii Remote as controller and two new modes have been added: Multi-Team and Mercenary Moshpit.

While waiting for the full list of changes as players discover them, you can turn on your Wii U and update the game: the patch is only 106 MB so don’t worry about a hours long updating process.


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