3D Space Harrier Coming On 3DS

Older gamers like myself surely remember the Sega arcade game Space Harrier, a game that managed to be at the time an incredible technological leap forward in the world of 2D gaming.

Produced by master Yu Suzuki, the game featured Sega’s “Super Scaler” technology which allowed pseudo 3D sprite scaling at very high frame rates. The arcade machine also introduced a true analog flight stick where character movement speed was determined by how the stick was pushed. The game is an on rail third person like shooter set in the Fantasy Zone, a surreal world made with bright colors and with unique enemies like aliens, dinosaurs and even Chinese Dragons. After going through a level avoiding enemy attacks and destroying them using fireballs, player will have to fight a boss, with some levels making an exception to the rule featuring those dreaded boss rush fights.

Today Sega, as reported by the japanese blog Gamer, has announced a first, true, arcade port of the game for Nintendo 3DS, not based on the Genesis version like all the other ports of the past. The game won’t be available at retail but from the 3DS eShop: it’s also reported that 3D Space Harrier will be the first game in a series that will bring classic arcade games on the tiny screens of the latest Nintendo Handheld; a release date has yet to be announced.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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