Playing videogames doesn’t pay off? Nintendo Germany doesn’t think so!

How many times,when we were kids, we have been told by our parents to do something more productive rather than just playing videogames? I know I have, many times over and over! Nintendo Germany doesn’t think that way and offers real money (220 euros) for any player who sends a picture of their 3DS screen proving that they have collected 1 million coins in New Super Mario Bros 2!

Ever since its revealing, the real focus of Nintendo’s 3DS platform game was collecting huge amounts of coins, giving player many new ways to increase their ingame earnings, like the new Gold Flower power up, the block shaped mask which produces coins as the plumber duo runs and rings scattered through stages changing enemies into golden coins. The real final goal of the game is collecting one million gold coins: the total earned is shared between the threee save files available.

The reward for getting the one million coins is a simple new title screen featuring a golden Mario statue; if you manage to max out the counter at 9.999.999 coins the title screen will feature a golden Racoon Mario statue. Players were definitely expecting better rewards since Nintendo really hyped the 1 million coins goal: maybe the 220 euros promised by Nintendo Germany was the real reward?

As of now we don’t know if this is indeed true as the offer seems to be available only for residents of Germany. German speaking readers can read the press release here and let us know if what is stated is really true. The offer was supposed to expire today but it seems it’s gonna be valid until December.


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