Nintendo Delays the Launch of Nintendo TVii

The WiiU finally came out today, but it is missing one of its biggest selling points. The system has a new function known as Nintendo TVii which is supposed to allow the user to streamline all their television shows and movies into one convenient location. According to, users were supposed to be able to have this feature at the launch date, but Nintendo has stated that the feature will only be available in December. They have not given a reason as to why there is a delay either or to what exact date the service will go live.

The idea behind this new application is that the WiiU GamePad will act as the mecca of your entertainment center, as you can access your favorite shows, movies, and sporting events on it. The GamePad will also allow you to experience TV in new ways as it will add depth to what you are watching by serving as a second scene. If you are watching your favorite television series, you can see what others are saying about that particular episode or fun facts about the episode. If you are watching your favorite football team, you can follow along with all the stats and up to date news related to your game. The idea is to integrate your television services and your favorite on-demand internet streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon) to give the consumer the best possible viewing experience. Netflix, Hulu and amazon are not available on their own yet either and they will also be added at some point in December.




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