Nintendo 3DS Has To Power To Run Resident Evil 5, Revelations Heavily Influenced By This

Resident Evil: Revelations is an excellent entry in the Resident Evil franchise: taking notes from Resdient Evil 4 and 5 gameplay styles, it features some gorgeous graphics and compelling gameplay and atmosphere, featuring fan favorite characters like Jill Valentine. In today’s Iwata Asks feature, Nintendo president sat with the Revelations team, uncovering some interesting information.

The team, while developing the Resident Evil: Mercenaries title, actually managed to get Resident Evil 5 up and running on Nintendo’s handheld: this fact alone proved to be a great inspiration for the team.

Resident Evil: Mercenaries was a fundamental stepping stone in the tweaking of Revelations: fan feedback on controls and gameplay was decisive in improving the game. Being the second game by the team on 3DS, they were able to improve Revelations even more. Even though both games look very impressive, the team regards Mercenaries as the most impressive of the couple. And it’s totally understandable why, being the first game developed by the team.

You can check the full Iwata asks session here, where they talk about the difficulties of making horror games, and the evolution of the series on the 3DS.

Resident Evil: Revelations was released at the end of summer worldwide on 3DS: the game stars Jill Valentine, filling some gaps into the overall story of the series. The game was also meant to prepare gamers for the next main entry of the series, Resident Evil 6, released at the beginning of October.

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