New Uncharted game coming on Sony consoles?

The future of the Uncharted series, the cinematic third person series developed by Naughty Dog and released exclusively on Sony consoles, has been uncertain since Naughty Dog has been working on its next game The Last Of Us: another Uncharted game, called Uncharted: Golden Abyss, was released on PsVita after the team started working on their new game but the game wasn’t developed by Naughty Dog, only supervised.

It seems like the Uncharted series isn’t over, at least for now: the Australian classification board has recently classified a new Uncharted game dubbed Uncharted: Flight for Fortune.
The page for the game on the Australian classification board site gives us some more information: the game is listed as a multiplatform release (Uncharted: Golden Abyss was listed as a multiplaform title as well but it was released only on PsVita in the end) with a “G” rating, the equivalent of the “E” of the American ESRB.
The most interesting news come from the “Author” information which is an almost unknown name: One Loop Games. The studio has been working on mobile games, releasing spin offs for a few Sony franchises like God Of War and Ratchet&Clank; they also worked on some social games projects and simple add-ons for console games.
The plot thickens as One Loop Games states that’s currently working on a few of super secret title with one of them being unlike anything the studio has developed, a project handled by an unnamed but big publisher.

We’ll be waiting for more infos in the coming days: we may be able to accompany Nathan Drake in another adventure sooner that we expected!


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