New Super Mario Bros U details

Simply going through the eight words jumping on gombas, eating mushrooms and fire flowers and getting in Bowser’s way isn’t going to be everything Super Mario Bros U will offer: today Nintendo has released new details on the game, including the new challenge mode and multiplayer options.

Challange mode will task players with conquering single objectives, like clearing a course without grabbing coins or without touching the ground. There’ll be four single player Challenge types: Time Attack, 1up Rally, Coin Collection and a special category with miscellaneous challenges. Boost mode is played with two players only, one player using the Gamepad and the other a Wii remote.
A replay will be saved after completing each challange.

Coin Battle will have up to 5 players competing against each other: the one who collects more coins wins. One player will play with the Gamepad, the others with the Wii remote. The Game pad can also be used to customize coin layout so that the other four players can play the customized challenge

New Super Mario Bros U will feature a seamless world map with world names, much like Super Mario World. There’ll be many shortcuts and secrets to discover. Since the world are all connected players che tackle the stages in a non linear fashion too.

An extra variation in the game’s stages will come with the presence of Nabbit: he’ll randomly appear on the world map and he must be caught to recover stolen items. Once caught players will obtain the P-Acorn which allows to fly through an entire stage.

With all these new details on gameplay, hype is certainly on the rise. Good thing the wait is getting shorter everyday: New Super Mario Bros U will be available on November 18 as a launch title for Nintendo’s new Wii U.



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