New Sim City Game Requires An Always On Connection

Developers and publishers have been having a hard time while fighting piracy on all consoles since many many years, trying to find some effective ways to prevent their properties being widely available without paying for them. In recent years, many Pc developers have thought out some methods to make the games run only whit an always on connection. This DRM system often gets in the way, more than protect the property: for any reason the connection could not be active and prevent players who legitimately bought the game for playing.

The newest entry of the Sim City series, simply called SimCity, will feature such protection method, requiring an always on connection to work. The news was met with disapproval by players: the game’s developer, Maxis, held a reddit questions sessions and players voice their disappointment. Now the developer have decided to speak about the matter.

The always on connection requirement is vital for the way they have been building the game: Maxis considers the new SimCity a multiplayer game and there’s gonna be a huge amount of cloud computing to make the game work: the cloud servers will be able to handle over 100.000 Sims inside each city. However this doesn’t change the fact that an always on connection can create many problems, ranging from being unable to play due to some server downtime to the termination of the servers themselves, rending the game completely useless. And the game is not even a MMO to begin with: you can play solo but still need the connection to play.

Because of this, players’ concerns are totally reasonable, but the situation doesn’t look like it’s going to change. Sim City will be available on March 2013 on Pc.


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