New Mass Effect 3 DLC Coming And Could Be The Last

BioWare is already working on the next story DLC for Mass Effect 3, the first details of which have appeared online. While we don’t know the name or proposed release date of the new content, we do know that BioWare is enlisting the help of several names that have previously been involved in the series.

In a post on the BioWare forums, designer Jos Hendriks explained that a team of about eight writers were penning the script, most of whom had worked on some aspect of the game before, saying, “It’s all hands on deck for this one. Pretty much every ME3 DLC writer here in Edmonton is involved. (which would include both Patrick Weekes AND John Dombrow).”

It also seems series veteran Sam Hulick is set to return to score the new DLC, tweeting last night, “What I’m up to lately: working on an unannounced Mass Effect 3 DLC! More details on this coming later on.”

Hulick has previously worked on the first and second Mass Effect games, as well as Mass Effect 3, though he was absent from the soundtrack for the recent Leviathan and Omega DLC. He also dropped in a little tease about what he’s planning on bringing to the table this time, tweeting, “Tossing in piano and muted strings for this one particular piece. High potential for tears. #ME3DLC”

The final piece of info we have covers some of the voice actors that are set to return. It seems Seth Green, who’s voiced Normandy pilot Joker since the series began, is back as BioWare producer and voice director Caroline Livingstone tweeted him to say, “@SethGreen thank you for yet another fantastic session. And thank you for being such a kind person. You are lovely!”

Additionally, Raphael Sbarge who voices  Kaiden Alenko tweeted back in October that he was recording new lines for the game. With none of the squadmates appearing in Omega, it looks like this was also for the unnamed upcoming DLC.

With eight writers, a music score from the game’s composer and voice actors all set for this new DLC, it seems that BioWare is gearing up for another big Mass Effect DLC. However, they could be planning a big ending for Mass Effect 3. We’ve already seen the end to Commander Shepard’s story, maybe this will be the ending to everyone else’s.

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