New Little King’s Story Out Soon On Vita

New Little King’s Story Out Soon On Vita

Originally planned to be released by the end of September, New Little King’s Story will be arriving on October 2nd to all of the unsuspecting Vita owners. I say unsuspecting because the original Little King’s Story was for the Wii. This cute little game involves gathering teams of warrioes to follow you around and help rebuild your kingdom. They will do so by tending soil, fighting foes, and digging for treasure at the king’s(your) command.

The art for New Little King’s Story has matured a lot from its wii release. I’m not sure if this is due to the Vitas ability to render smoother graphics or that they were trying to appeal to the more mature audience that the Vita holds. Either way I am very pleased with the updated art, but I’m sure many of the original fans will miss the more child-like art of the original.

While obviously reminiscent of games like Pikmin, Little King’s Story also has elements of more, less obvious games.. You will work to collect resources and  upgrade your little shack into a full fledged kingdom in much the sense you upgrade your farm in Harvest Moon. Combining the addicting elements of Pikmin, Harvest Moon and Civilization could prove to be one of the most time-enveloping games on the Vita to date.

New Little King’s Story will release on October 2nd for the Vita. It will use both front and rear touch control, feature new and improved graphics, and use social elements to allow players to combine items with each other. Look forward to this adorable little game in the very near future and check out the trailer below for more information.

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