New Final Fantasy to be announced next year?

Square Enix fans surely remember the tech demo called “Agni’s Philosophy” for the next generation graphical engine Luminous Studio, shown back in July. Square Enix’s goal was to reach a high quality of real time graphics as close to pre-rendered sequences as possible.
And they went pretty close to their intentions since the characters in the demo showed rich facial expressions, subtleties of many of the facial details and clothes, showing an almost life-like humanity.
The scenes of the demo could totally be Final Fantasy material where Agni has a life changing encounter in a futuristic world where magic and sciense coexist in harmony.

It seems like Square Enix has something new in mind for Agni’s Philosophy, as worldwide technology director Julien Merceron has recently teased. Everything will be revealed at next year’s E3 and it won’t be releated to a PC only product as it was speculated: it will run on different platforms than those which have been used before. Merceron has almost confirmed the unveiling of the next generation hardware at the next year E3: will Agni’s Philosophy become the next generation Final Fantasy?

On a related note, Merceron has also confirmed that Final Fantasy Versus XIII development is still going on: the game has huge ambitions and players will be rewarded for their patience.


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