New Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Update Incoming

Treyarch hasn’t really been resting on the laurels of the immense success Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 is enjoying. Work has started on a new title update for the game which will fix some things and make some tweaks for the multiplayer modes.

A few weeks ago the game’s Theater Mode was disabled due to the fact that its use would mess up the Prestige earnings during multiplayer mode: the Theater Mode allows players to record, edit and upload footage directly to the web; with this title update the function will be fixed and players will be able to use it again without having to deal with any issue. No news on the comeback of another user-generated feature, the one allowing users to create their own emblems for multiplayer modes.

Among the changes there’s gonna be some tweakings on some other multiplayer mode features: lead designer Dave Vonderhaar has said through a post on Twitter that the team is going to increase the score required to call the cheapest Scorestrike as well as rebalancing the SMG penetration rate which is considered too high right now.

On a related note Activision has made available a troubleshooting guide to help players reduce lag during multiplayer on consoles. You can check it on the official Activision support site here.

These aren’t going to be all the changes included in the next update: Treyarch will reveal more details as the patch draws near to release, which is at the time still unknown. We’ll keep you all updated as soon as more details will be available.


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